Why AHM? 

We want to change the face of property management and offer a truly unique service that sets the benchmark for property management on the Gold Coast. 

We have fresh, new, different and progressive ideas to compliment our commitment to building meaningful and genuine personal relationships with our clients and tenants. 

The vast and innovative resources available to us ensure our clients and tenants benefit from our knowledge of local trends and market conditions. Our people know real estate!

Our Partners 

We work with reputable local developers and sales agents to ensure our executive portfolio reflects prestige property, most of our properties are newly constructed and we are there to assist the client every step of the way in transitioning their investment to the rental market. 

It doesn’t stop there…we want to keep you informed and ensure piece of mind, with access to our online owners portal you can access all your property information and communicate directly to your property manager via the message centre. 

Our client portfolio is largely made up of Chinese investors. They have been with us since inception and many years later continue to benefit from our trustworthy knowledge and expertise. We welcome our clients to Australia yearly and enjoy fostering these relationships.

Our Tenants

We are all about connecting people with property! 

From the advertising stage to open homes and tenancy applications we treat every enquiry as an opportunity to secure a fantastic tenant for you. With access to leading tenancy databases we ensure that our thorough processes minimise any future problems. 

Whether it’s a long term or short term rental we aim to ensure our tenants are educated on their rights and responsibilities during their tenancy agreement to ensure they understand the general renting rules. 

We are there to assist the tenant and ensure that all entry requirements are met as well as provide responsive attention to repairs and maintenance. 

Holiday Rentals 

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised holiday home management service. 

We are there to help make our holiday visitors time more enjoyable and meaningful and ensure the home is prepared with the utmost cleanliness and attention to detail during the turnover of our guests.

We provide, styling and photography, advertising, enquiry management and booking confirmation, inventory lists, departure inspections, professional cleaning, emergency repairs and 24 hour assistance. 

With extensive local tourism knowledge we ensure that our guests receive all locality information and local transport brochures. We ensure our holiday homes are fully equipped and offer luxury stays. 

Our Homes 

We are caring for an executive portfolio we want the finest homes so we can attract the best tenants.

We keep a good eye on our properties and ensure open communication between any onsite management, security or body corporate to ensure compliance and care. Our gated community homes benefit from 24 hour onsite security. Our property managers live local and are there to ensure your investment is cared for and can be attended to as the first point of contact should there be any issues.

We also offer something our competitors don’t and that is a hassle-free, small maintenance guarantee. Should we come across a small maintenance issue a representative from our property management department will attend to inspect, if needed they will suggest a repair solution before quoting or contracting a handyman. 

How do I handover the management of my property to Australian Homes Management if it is currently being managed by another agent?

The process is very easy, please give us a call and we will arrange to send you a form that you are required to sign, we will notify your tenants and arrange to collect property documents and keys from your managing agent.

How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

We strive for the lowest vacancy rates. All marketing material is approved by management before your property becomes available online . The reason for this is we believe a property that has professional photos, professional marketing and is aligned with the market conditions has a higher chance of being leased quicker.

How are tenants selected? 

We take pride in our thorough processes and are proud of our existing tenant / property manager relationships. Upon application for a property we have access to tenancy database systems if there are no reports we begin processing the application this includes 100 point ID checks, employment reference checks, personal reference checks and bank statement/pay slip checks. We will select the top 3 applications (if applicable) and send you a detailed breakdown so that you may finalise the decision.

Can it be arranged for all rates, levies, utilities and maintenance invoices to be paid for on my behalf? 

Yes of course! Please advise us if you wish for this to occur and we will arrange for all correspondence to be forwarded to our office. 

How do we receive financial statements for the property?

All financial statements will be emailed out to you, there is also a postal option if you prefer. You will receive monthly statements and a detailed end of financial year statement via auto email if you select that option. 

What happens if my tenant does not pay rent? 

Tenant arrears are monitored on a daily basis. Automatic reminders are sent via telephone, email and SMS on 3, 5 and 7 days along with daily follow up calls. On day 8 of arrears as per the Residential Tenancy Authority notice periods a Notice to Remedy Breach will be issued to the tenant giving them 7 to pay arrears on the account. If rent is not paid within this time frame we will contact you to discuss our next course of action, if instructed a Notice to Leave will be issued to the tenant giving them seven days to vacate the property. In the worst case scenario we may have to attend QCAT for a residential tenancies dispute. ** You are also able to keep track of all rental payments and arrears via the owners portal. 

How often are periodic inspections conducted? 

Routine inspections are carried out every 3 months. You will receive a property inspection report complete with photos and required or suggested maintenance along with quotes. We invite all landlords to attend the property for yearly inspections, if landlords are visiting the Gold Coast, one of our friendly property managers can pick-up / drop-off from the airport or your accomodation and take you to the property. 

What happens if I decide to sell my property? 

Give your property manager a call to discuss. If the tenant is on a fixed term lease the property cannot be sold under ‘vacant possession’, as the tenant has an agreement in place to rent the home for the duration of their lease. Of course it can be discussed with the tenants and they may choose to leave. If the tenant is on a periodic agreement you can give them 60 days notice to vacate the home, once a contract for sale is in place.

What happens if I want to move into my home? 

If the tenant is on periodic agreement, you can give them 60 days notice in writing to vacate the property for the purpose of you moving in. If your tenant is on a fixed term agreement you’re unable to end the tenancy unless of course both parties agree.

What is landlords insurance and do I need it? 

Landlords insurance can cover you for accidental or malicious damage to both the structure of your property and any contents that you may have leased to your tenants for their use – this is dependant on your provider. In terms of coverage it may also cover loss of rent due to tenant default. In most cases both fixed term and periodic leases are covered, including any continuation of a lease. Prices – and inclusions – can vary significantly between providers, so we are here to help with comparisons. 

What other services may I require? 

We can provide a range of advice and refer services in relation to finance, maintenance and repairs, conveyancing and property tax.

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