Frequently Asked Questions

How long will our application take to be approved? 

We aim to approve applications within 3 business days, depending on the request of the landlord they may wish to conduct another open home, so they are able to have a few applications to consider. You will be notified in the first instance if your application has been approved or declined. 

When submitting your application please ensure all documents are attached including 100 points of ID and proof of income this will avoid any delay. 

How do we pay rent? 

Your rental payment options will be discussed with you when you attend to sign up. Our office does NOT accept cash under any circumstances. 

How do I go about arranging repairs for  “ __________ ” ? 

Any maintenance requests must be submitted in writing or email, with the property address as your subject line, alternatively you can submit a maintenance request here.  

Holiday tenants must contact our office immediately and report any maintenance or repairs as they arise. Please note you may be responsible for costs associated to any repairs as a result of your actions. 

We are locked out can you please provide us a spare set of keys? 

We do not have spare keys for you, if you are locked out after business hours unfortunately you will need to call a locksmith and arrange for payment of the fees involved. During business hours we can loan a set of keys to you for 48 hours in which you will need to arrange for copies and return to our office. 

We have some frames we would like to hang on the wall, can we install hooks? 

Please contact your property manager in regards to this request as the landlord will need to approve this. Command hooks although a safer option do sometimes peel paint and this can result in unwanted cost repairs. 

My friend is moving to the Gold Coast and wants to move in with me… 

If you are a primary tenant at the property and another person wants to move in you must notify your property manager and arrange for all documents to support an application form prior to moving in.  The application must be approved by the landlord. 

Leading up to the vacate date…when will we get our bond back? 

Once you notify your property manager of your intention to vacate you will be sent a vacate pack. There will be a checklist of items that need to be arranged including professional cleaning and key return procedure. A final inspection will be conducted on the day you return the keys to our office you are welcome to attend with the property manager to ensure sign off otherwise if there are any further damages or items that need to be attended to you will need to arrange to re-attend. Your bond is usually refunded within 5-7 business days.

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