Why our agency votes professional photography every time?

Potential tenants are attending our open homes with laptops, iPads, tablets and smart phones, ready to apply for the property after having seen the listing ‘on the internet’.

A month a go we dropped our print advertising in favour of online marketing across all channels.

These people want to shop online they want to see first hand what they are getting, they are visualising furniture, interior design and space. We have all the answers house size, bedroom size, wall-to-wall measurements we have gone above and beyond but we have more…professional photography.

Technology is useful, with all of the competition in the local market, it is important that every listing has professional photos because they are the first impression but also a very true impression.

We manage an executive portfolio here at Australian Homes Management we work alongside some notable residential developers who incorporate high-end artistic and contemporary designs in their constructions. Our property managers walk into the homes after settlement and are on to Instagram, Facebook and our resident photographer because they cannot wait to have every aspect and feature of these luxury homes captured in time for listing.

Sure the images are edited post-production but this is to create a high-resolution image and to ensure that the image is visually appealing and conveys the relationship between each room whilst highlighting the best aspects of the property, we are not adding a wall or door to the image that wasn’t there before we want you to see the property just as we see it on a perfect day when the natural light is bathing through.

We only have a ‘one scroll’ chance in capturing the attention of our clients, tenants and business partners and we aim to stand out every time!

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Why our agency votes professional photography every time?