Pets Approved? Yes!

We are proud to have a strikingly low to no vacancy rate at our agency and it seems our competitors are making it too easy for us lately, by alienating a demographic of applicants with pets, supply and demand is high for homes to house not only great potential tenants but their four-legged friends.

It is a very common misconception from landlords that pets will damage their properties, children and adults can also cause damage…a lot more!

Whilst there are no reported statistics it’s estimated about 30% of pets are surrendered to the RSPCA because of their owners’ changed living arrangements, which includes moving into rental properties where pets are not allowed.

It all comes down to the quality of property management, ensuring the pet is registered and routine inspections are conducted frequently and properly, with a solid eye for any worries that may arise from pets residing in a property.

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Pets Approved? Yes!